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Agency Toolkits

Sage Wellness Group has developed toolkits to assist organizations in implementing best-practices. We have created the following curricula to support the continued development of agency staff while equipping them with a tangible framework to meet the needs of the clients they serve:


Baltimore City Department of Social Services Supervisor Curriculum: This 6-month curriculum supported over 100 supervisors within Baltimore City Department of Social Services from three focus areas: Understanding My Role as a Supervisor, Supporting My Staff, and Supporting our Clients. Supervisors increased their skill around implementation of five core supervisory skills: delegation, planning, meeting management, problem solving, and time management.


Baltimore City Circuit Court Judges and Magistrates Handbook for Utilizing a Trauma-Informed Approach When Working with Families Impacted by Parental Addiction: This handbook was developed at the request of Baltimore City’s only Family Treatment Court, The Family Recovery Program, Inc. to increase skill and knowledge of Baltimore City Circuit Court’s Judges and Magistrates working with families impacted by parental substance abuse. Using a TIC approach, real-life examples were presented as a way to provide proper case conceptualization, incorporation of strengths-based and person-centered language, and making connections to matched service providers within the community to support the holistic recovery needs of a family.   


Understanding My Addiction & Embracing My Recovery: This 8-week curriculum was originally developed for Princeton House Behavioral Health and provides both providers and clients with a mindful approach to understanding the emotional, behavioral, and biological impacts of addiction while incorporating mindfulness techniques to create a recovery plan and story.  


Trauma Informed Care Parenting Program: At the request of Baltimore City Health Department’s B’More Healthy Babies program, Sage Wellness Group developed and facilitated an 8-week parenting program designed to support mothers who were also survivors of various forms of trauma. Parents learned how their exposure to trauma can impact parent-child attachment and worked to identify ways to recover while meeting the developmental and social-emotional needs of their children.   


Student Strengths-Based Assessment: Originally developed for the Next Step Public Charter School, this 12-item questionnaire allows for students to identify personal strengths, natural supports, and goals, while identifying ways they would like to receive support from school staff (teachers, case managers, and counselors). This questionnaire is used with every student and scored to provide student support staff with key indicators of when additional resources and check-ins can be provided to students. To date, this questionnaire has been translated into four (4) languages to meet the needs of diverse student bodies. 

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