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Administrator & Supervisor Support and Coaching

Sage Wellness Group provides a tailored approach to support administrators and supervisors in upholding an agency’s mission statement and goals, while identifying best ways to support themselves and their staff. Sage Wellness Group currently provides administrator and supervisor support and coaching in the following areas:  

Organizational Leadership Teams (for educators and non-profit organizations): Using the Data Wise system for management, our facilitators create and oversee leadership teams where the purpose is to empower all levels of staff to have ownership and create measures of accountability and support for fellow colleagues. Benefits of Leadership Team incorporation include:

  1. Empowers staff to share their strengths and expertise from all areas of the agency 

  2. Targeted tasks and assignments each month

  3. Peer-lead, providing peer support opportunities for staff

  4. Shared staff ownership and accountability of the path of the school/organization and shared accountability for its success

  5. Staff can identify staff, student, and family needs and work on a single issue or multiple issues (allowance of staff surveys, out-of-office bonding activities creating an environment of empowerment, voice and choice)

  6. Allows for the systemic plan to be integrated into daily practices of the agency through the review of roles and responsibilities, and policy changes. For example, one area for the Leadership Team would be the evaluation of an agency’s current Discipline Policy for cultural relevancy, equitable implementation, and practicality.

Study Circles:  Study Circles are defined as “a group of 8 to 12 people who meet regularly over a period of weeks or months to address a critical public issue in a democratic, collaborative way. Participants examine the issue from many points of view and identify areas of common ground. They emerge with recommendations for action that will benefit the community”. In general, a study circle will progress from a session on personal experience ("How does the issue affect me?") to sessions providing a broader perspective ("What are others saying about this issue?") to a session on action ("What can we do about this issue right now?")”. Our study circle facilitation involves members from the administration, education, parent, and student community come together to follow this model to generate solutions to the issues presented within the equity audit, as well as present opportunities for shared power, collaboration, and accountability.

Our work with Principals and District leaders supports the integration of Cultural Proficiency Plans and goals into the fabric of the organization. District leaders and Principals receive support related to obtaining buy-in, necessary language for courageous conversations with staff, students, and families, curriculum review and implementation, creating Hidden Curriculum around inclusion and equity, and setting SMART goals.

Our Supervisor Trainings supports supervisors in the field of education and mental health support their staff in delivering the best services to the clients they serve. Using an ethical framework, supervisors receive coaching and training on how to effectively communicate with staff, address inter-agency conflict, develop and utilize Supervision Agendas, and maintain proper self-care.

Administrative Support & Coaching
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