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Black Girl Sabbath is the first of its kind to combine both wellness and professional development sessions to teach, replenish, uplift, and empower Black women professionals. Since our experiences, both personally and professionally, are unique to us, our spaces must be unique as well. Black women professionals need safe, healing spaces where they can learn new leadership skills while strengthening current ones, and incorporating moments of rest. 

What You Can Expect

Black Girl Sabbath will feature events specifically designed for Black women. As a member, you can expect to:


Grow in Community: Connect with other amazing and accomplished Black women leading in professional spaces to network, share insights and develop relationships that will extend beyond the retreat.

Focus on You: Center yourself as you use this opportunity to prioritize your well-being, desires and goals.


Drive Business Growth: Discover strategies to expand self and organizational awareness to accelerate your success in your business or workplace.


Gain Sustainable Self-Care Strategies: Learn tools to reduce burnout, enhance your emotional intelligence skills and empower you to show up more authentically.

Kendra M.

This was a breath of fresh air and anytime I engage with any of the members of Sage Wellness Group, it’s always healing, and an opportunity for me to take time to rest, stop, and think about what my responses are…Think about simply being present and engaging in conversation. My experience today was refreshing. I truly believe that iron sharpens iron, and all of the women today had something important to say that contributed to the conversation.

Carleen C.

It was important for me to come today because I needed to witness Black women writing new narratives of being healthy, whole, and happy. I would describe the experience today as extremely refreshing and revitalizing. I feel so rejuvenated. It is nice to be in a space where Black women prioritize treating other Black women really well.

Zaharah V.

It was really important to come today because I deserve this opportunity. I have been working on self-care and knowing my worth and my value. And this event aligned perfectly with that. I am walking away excited and thrilled for the next steps.

Get Ready To Grow And Evolve With These Upcoming Black Girl Sabbath Events And Initiatives 

Haven Leadership Institute Launches 2024

Imagine a sanctuary where safety and growth converge. Through our extensive experience in executive coaching and leadership workshops spanning several decades, we have recognized a significant and pressing need: the creation of dedicated safe spaces and access to a vibrant community for Black professionals. In response to this crucial need, we proudly present the Haven Leadership Institute (HLI). A haven denotes a place of security and protection. HLI is a pioneering membership model that is specifically designed to deliver tailored programming, focusing on the distinctive requirements of both Black women and men (with separate programming and events). Our institute offers an opportunity to cultivate essential leadership capabilities, propel business expansion, and foster invaluable connections, all while emphasizing an environment that promotes well-being. 

Black Girl Sabbath Retreat Coming 2025

Mark your calendars for January 2025, as we proudly announce the launch of our inaugural Black Girl Sabbath Retreat! This exclusive event is being meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled opportunity for connection, tranquility, and the enhancement of leadership abilities for Black women professionals. Immerse yourself in purposeful activities that prioritize relaxation and rejuvenation, as we curate an exquisite retreat experience designed specifically to cater to the distinctive needs of Black women. You will leave feeling reinvigorated. This is an extraordinary occasion that you don't want to miss!

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