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Letter from CEO & Lead Consultant

"Over the past month, we have all gotten to experience both our vulnerability and our humanity”

Dr. Tara Doaty, CEO, Sage Wellness Group

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Steve Cochrane, 


Princeton Public Schools

"As educators, we are often conditioned to think of childhood trauma in terms of dramatic events.  We think, for example, of physical or sexual abuse, the death or loss of a loved one, the witnessing of domestic or community violence.  Through my work with Dr. Tara Doaty, I have come to see that micro-aggressions as a result of implicit bias can be equally traumatic.  The daily indignities of discrimination add up.  Over time, students can disengage, act out or simply stop coming to school.   The psychological harm of feeling “less than” is real.  If we are fully to address equity in our schools, we must expand our understanding of trauma-informed care ".

Workshop Participant

"My favorite part about the training was learning about the connection between brain development, discrimination, emotional development, and academic success. This was really enlightening, and Dr. Doaty's presentation style was really engaging, introducing some levity to the discussion but also delivering some difficult messages. If she is charged with training our staff and faculty, then I feel really good about that.".

Yolanda Askew

Director of Sales Fulfillment

NBC 4 New York

Although Dr. Tara is an expert in her field, she didn’t make any assumptions on what we needed. She connected with our leadership team in advance to hear, and educate herself on what our needs where and then she took the time to customize a series that was catered specifically for our group.  


Why was this so important to us? One of the biggest challenges our group has often voiced as it relates to their career was that they felt like “they” don’t hear us.  At the end of Dr. Tara’s series with us, the feedback we received from our group was overwhelmingly positive. She was able to provide a safe space for our group to express themselves and she equipped them with tools that would help them better navigate through some of the challenges and stresses they were facing. In the end it was a win win for our group. What a difference it makes #WhenTheyHearUs


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I am sending this letter in the spirit of gratitude and well-wishes for you, your respective organizations, staff, clients, and families. Over the past few months, we have all had to pivot our services in response to both COVID-19 and the racial unrest and racism experienced in our society. These two events have rocked our world and exposed many areas that require intentional care, focused conversations, and deliberate healing. 

At Sage Wellness Group, we remain committed to supporting you in not only improving the lives of those you serve, but also maintaining the well-being of your staff. Recognizing and understanding that “we are people before we are professionals”, we understand that both staff and clients may have and continue to experience heightened feelings of anxiety, anger, and loss. Over the past few months, Sage Wellness Group has developed and facilitated webinars to assist staff members with adjusting to change and managing their own feelings of anxiety.

These webinars allowed many staff in your organizations to safely share thoughts and feelings, identify coping skills such as mindfulness and reassuring self-talk for daily implementation, and freely express how they can be better supported within your organization. For our educational partners, we have held affinity groups for both educators and students for them to process feelings around recent events related to police brutality, racism and civil unrest. These webinars also created what one participant identified as “finally a safe space to process our reactions without judgement”.

Our Sage Wellness Group consultants have also conducted webinars for parents and families designed to strengthen relationships within their families, while identifying ways to have effective and necessary conversations.

I am sincerely grateful for so many of you, who have personally contacted me and inquired about my well-being and the sustainability of Sage Wellness Group. Words cannot express my appreciation for the opportunity to have true partnerships. As always, we stand ready to partner with you.

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