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Steve Cochrane, 


Princeton Public Schools

"As educators, we are often conditioned to think of childhood trauma in terms of dramatic events.  We think, for example, of physical or sexual abuse, the death or loss of a loved one, the witnessing of domestic or community violence.  Through my work with Dr. Tara Doaty, I have come to see that micro-aggressions as a result of implicit bias can be equally traumatic.  The daily indignities of discrimination add up.  Over time, students can disengage, act out or simply stop coming to school.   The psychological harm of feeling “less than” is real.  If we are fully to address equity in our schools, we must expand our understanding of trauma-informed care ".

Workshop Participant

"My favorite part about the training was learning about the connection between brain development, discrimination, emotional development, and academic success. This was really enlightening, and Dr. Doaty's presentation style was really engaging, introducing some levity to the discussion but also delivering some difficult messages. If she is charged with training our staff and faculty, then I feel really good about that.".

Dr. Jocelyn Gainers,


The Family Recovery Program, Inc.

“Dr. Doaty has been a valuable resource for the clients and staff at The Family Recovery Program. Her knowledge and expertise has been extremely beneficial in helping our Family Dependency Court become the best in the country.”


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